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Incredible Sights attracts relevant visitors for many travel related companies. Our visitors convert very well as they are usually interested into spending their holiday in the destinations we write about. Advertising at Incredible Sights brings more relevant visitors to your company. This is the best place to promote your travel related services. Advertising at Incredible Sights is easy; just contact us and let us know your ideas.

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How can we advertise?

Just contact us and tell us the location(s) at you wish to place your advertisement. Your advertisement can be placed on a specific page, a random number of pages, or a selected number of pages. Ads can be placed at different locations within a specific page.

What sort of ads can I place?

The type of ads that you can place at the website include:

  • In page ads: Dofollow links are integrated within existing content of the page, or are published in a new article, relevant to travel. Banners are placed for brand awareness and extra promotion (in terms of click-throughs) to your business.
  • Social media: With over 1300 Youtube subscribers, over 2200 Instagram followers and over 800 Twitter followers, we are able to give a nice boast to your business through these social media channels. Other places we are active on Facebook and Pinterest. Often we cover live events (ie activities at location).
  • Advertorials: We can publish items within an existing page. We either use the sidebar ‘Spotlight’ location for that, or integrate the advertorial at a certain location within a page. We can also write a brand new page to highlight your business. In some cases we need to ‘try & review’ as we can only write about things if we know what they are about. We do not endorse products and services that we have no experience with ourselves.
  • Newsletter: We can mention your business in the monthly newsletter. We can also send out a dedicated newsletter tailor made to promote your new travel product or service.

Interested in advertising on Incredible Sights? Contact Us directly!

Ad placement & Prices

Locations may vary per page. The example gives an impression of all available standard options. We can also arrange custom ad campaigns. To ensure optimal user experience we will limit the amount of ads per page; you will never see a page like this example at Incredible Sights.

Prices are based on the type of ad campaign we agree on. We already offer standard advertising arrangements for €125 per year. Discounts are given for long term arrangements.

Payment is easy

You can easily pay us through Paypal, or to our local (Dutch) bank account. After we have agreed on the terms (what ads to place, what amount, which duration), we will place the ads. Only then will we send out an invoice, or a payment request via email.

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