About us

Just a brief introduction: My name is Ilya Houben and I live in the Netherlands together with my wife Sarianne and two children. We love to travel and have visited many countries over the years. Destinations we have visited include Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Iceland, Czech Republic, Cambodia, Thailand and many more. We both ‘fell in love’ with Malaysia during our first trip there in 2000. Many more holidays to this wonderful country followed and we even lived and worked in KL for a while between 2009 and 2013. Besides thoroughly exploring Malaysia we also visited many incredible sights in the region.

My first website is Veelzijdig Maleisie, nowadays the biggest and most popular Dutch travel guide on Malaysia. Later I launched Wonderful Malaysia, a huge international travel website. With these two websites I reach many people from all over the world –160.000 unique visitors per month combined in total, and well over 320.000 monthly page views). As we traveled to many other countries besides Malaysia as well over the years, I decided to launch a Dutch travel portal where we could write about all our other trips, Reisvormen.nl.

Incredible Sights & Reisvormen

To share my passion and traveling tips I started the Dutch website Reisvormen (a Dutch word that describes the different ways to travel – www.reisvormen.nl) back in 2007. It soon became a popular travel portal with over 40.000 unique visitors per month (over 60.000 monthly page views). If people are planning a trip to one of the countries we visited and wrote about, they visit our website for information about the different highlights, cities, to-do’s, hotel reviews and food- and shopping tips. Reisvormen currently has a small, but very enthusiastic editorial team of writers that explore the world and write about their experiences.

With the launch of Incredible Sights (www.incrediblesights.com) in 2015 even more people are reached (tourists from Europe, North-America, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia etc – 60.000 unique visitors per month combined in total, over 100.000 monthly page views).

At Incredible Sights we share all the unique moments we experience during our travels. This can be exploring world renowned tourist highlights like the Borobudur, the Karst mountains in Yangshuo, Jökulsárlón glacier lake, the world’s greatest open air museum Luxor, Angkor Wat etc, but also unique activities like climbing Mount Kinabalu and spotting orang-utans in Sabah, diving in freezing cold, crystal clear water at Silfra, Iceland, enjoying cocktails at Mai Bar @ Aloft, Kuala Lumpur, spending the night at a Karen Hilltribe in Chiang Mai and much more.

It gives me great pleasure to know we entice people to go explore the world, and even more pleasure to hear that the the articles published at both websites gets them exited and enthusiastic about their upcoming holiday. Nowadays, Incredible Sights has several freelance writers that occasionally publish articles based on their travels.

Brand ambassador of your destination

With this website we promote numerous tourist destinations. Together with the (often live) updates at the social media channels of both websites we can be the perfect brand ambassador of your destination. During our trips we promote the places we visit, the sights we see, the food we eat and the accommodation we stay at enthusiastically among our readers.

We usually pay for our travels out of my own pocket, as this guarantees honest and real experiences, not overly organized pre-arranged events. Also, we can travel in our own pace, do the things we like most; slow travel with sufficient moments to enjoy a sight thoroughly.

Occasionally we are invited to a familiarization trip, a bloggers event or a tour at the destination (usually in return for an article). We visit unique or luxurious hotels (including boutique hotels) and resorts to feature at the hotel review sections of both websites. A review of has many advantages: Thousands of people will see the review on the websites (first with link on homepage), free publicity on social media outlets of Incredible Sights and Reisvormen Facebook and Twitter and the review will include beautiful & professional photos. The benefits are explained in more details here.

Your contributions would be most welcome

We are putting a lot of effort into promoting the numerous destinations we visit. In order to grow in size we need your help. We are always looking for people that can contribute to our website. You can contribute by providing & writing content, supplying photographs or participate in other ways. You can also link to us from your website, from your Facebook account, via Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest to create more buzz to help us grow and get known better.

Do you want to join our editorial team? We may have a position available, so do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about the possibilities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the information in this page, please contact us or email us directly at info@incrediblesights.com for more information.

Best regards,

Ilya Houben
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