Benefits of Saying YES to Our Review

High Reach – Thousands of Page Views

We will write a fun to read (positive and honest) article about our experiences and will publish it at Incredible Sights and Reisvormen, both receiving many thousands of unique monthly visitors with an increase in visitors/bookings as a result. We do not write about negative experiences, and will not surprise you afterwards with minor issues and complaints in the article.

Always Online

Each article stays online indefinitely. This means the articles still has readers many months and even years after publishing date. (Quite different from other media were the article is only published once!)

Link on Homepage

After each article is published, a link will show up at the homepage of both Incredible Sights and Reisvormen. Visitors of the homepage will see the articles at the list with latest articles for at least a few days or weeks.

Link on Hotel Main Page

Same as above, but now at both our hotel main page sections. See the hotel section at Incredible Sights here and the hotel section at Reisvormen here.

Link to the Official Website

Within each article we put up a link to the official website. Together with the previously mentioned benefit of the articles being “Always Online” this is great for SEO!

Professional Photos

Each article contains up to 9 photographs. I for example, use a (semi-) professional camera – an Olympus OMD EM-5mk2 – with two great lenses – 12mm 2.0 prime & 75mm 1.8 – for the best possible photographs. Fancy my photographs? You may use them on your hotel website or at other places (like social media).

Highlights in the Area

We will write about attractions in the area, which will increase the overall flow of tourists to that area as both websites are leading websites when it comes to promoting tourism to your destination. We have seen this with lesser known travel destinations the past, which became increasingly popular among travelers after they were featured on our websites.

Link at Top 10 Reviewed Hotels at Hotel Main Page

Each hotel is rated by us by means of a rating system. If the hotel is rated within our top 10 reviewed hotels (of the hotels reviewed so far), it will show up at the hotel main page top 10 reviewed hotels (hotel main page Incredible Sights – hotel main page Reisvormen ).


We will publish stunning images on both our Instagram accounts, using hashtags pointing to your business. You can see two examples below:


  • Current followers Instagram account Incredible Sights (@incredible_sights): 2093 *
  • Current followers Instagram account Reisvormen (@reisvormen): 1609 *

* Last revised: November 2016


We will promote each article several times to our Facebook followers at both Facebook pages. You can see two examples below:


  • Current followers Facebook page Incredible Sights (@incrediblesightsoftheworld): 16 *
  • Current followers Facebook page Reisvormen (@reisvormen): 702 *

* Last revised: November 2016


We will promote each article several times to our Twitter followers on both Twitter accounts. You can see two examples below:


  • Current followers Twitter account Incredible Sights (@insitalk): 2800 *
  • Current followers Twitter account Reisvormen (@reisvormen): 1355 *

* Last revised: May 2015 (numbers are always rising)

Social Media Activity During Our Stay

During our stay we will promote your destination (or hotel) on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Restaurant review section

At both Incredible Sights and Reisvormen we have a food review section (here & here) where we review restaurants and other F&B outlets that we visit. Got a signature restaurant for us to try out? We can write a separate article of our experience.

Previous stays

Below is a list of hotels that we have recently reviewed. We usually stay for 2 nights including breakfast and sometimes dinner to be able to experience the hotel to the fullest. If you are interested in having your hotel featured at both our websites, please contact us at

  • Hanging Gardens, Indonesia
  • Clove Hall, Malaysia
  • The Westin Resort, Malaysia
  • Royal Plaza On Scotts, Singapore
  • Hard Rock Penang
  • Shangri La’s Rasa Sayang, Malaysia
  • Meritus Pelangi Resort, Malaysia
  • Vitalhotel Edelweiss, Stubai, Austria

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the information in this document, please contact us at for more information.

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