3 absolute highlights of Sabah

Malaysia is a beautiful country known for its slogan “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. It attracts many tourists because of the many highlights like seeing orangutans and tropical beaches, but also by metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. These highlights should not be missed by travelers during their journey, but with our tips you discover them in a unique way. Spot wildlife not at a feeding platform, but in their natural habitat in the wild from a narrow jungle boat. Swim at that amazing waterfall after an adventurous jungle trekking. Relax on a deserted island, with nobody else besides a few local fishermen. Dive at one of the best locations in the world. Malaysia has it all and specifically in the state of Sabah you find three of the most beautiful sights of Malaysia.

The dense jungles of Sukau


From the port in Sandakan you step on a boat for a leisurely trip to the Kinabatangan River. You slide over flat water through the ever thickening jungle. Cameras and binoculars at the ready, as the place is crawling with monkeys, orangutans, beautiful birds and even crocodiles. With a little luck you can even spot elephants. Sleeping in the jungle where you experience that you are very far from civilization. Waking up by the screeching of monkeys, it’s a bit of a shock at first, but you’re also in the jungle..and this is your natural alarm clock. You do a lot by boat, but If you’re into hiking, it is a must to go on foot into nature. You will see very different wildlife such as large lizards, insects and of course lots of monkeys. Visiting the Kinabatangan River was one of the highlights of our trip to Sabah.



Even deeper into the jungle you go to visit Tabin National Park. You go to Tabin for the mud volcano where many animals congregate for their daily portion of minerals. You come here by driving a long distance by jeep through the jungle. You’ll probably see your first elephant tracks. It is said that the mud is good for your skin. So leave all your facial creams at home and instead use this natural wonder (don’t forget to make a few pictures for your facebook profile :)). Because you are further away from civilization, wild beasts are less shy and come much closer. You have a really good chance of spotting elephants, leopards and orangutans. It is useful to you put your swimsuit under your regular clothes, because you probably encounter a puddle of clear fresh water at a waterfall. While you are bathing in the jungle you will see the most colorful birds around you.

Sipadan and Mabul Island Life


Malaysia is renowned for its diving in crystal clear water, and its powdery white beaches. The perfect combination can be found off the east coast of Sabah. Here are the stunning islands of Sipadan and Mabul, one of the best diving spots in Malaysia. Sipadan is actually a six hundred meter deep rock with a tiny island rising above sea level with white beaches and hundreds of palm trees. From the beach it goes vertically downwards and the rocks here are dotted with bizarre shaped whip coral, enormous sponges and brightly colored anemones. You’re not a diver? No problem, when all diving enthusiasts are under water you have the island almost to yourself. Laze in a hammock or stroll on the white sandy beaches. You can also take a look at the Bajau fishermen. These are actually residents of the island and still live in their original palm houses.


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