Six Popular Attractions in and around Shanghai

Major Temples of Shanghai

Three temples are definitely worth a visit: the Jade Buddha Temple, Jing’an Temple, and Longhua Temple (with pagoda). Jade Buddha is a few hundred meters from the Changshou subway station (line 7). In addition to the Jing’an Temple, there is a metro station of the same name (Jing’an, line 2). The Longhua Temple is located a few hundred meters from metro station Longcao (line 3). A little further out of town still is the beautiful Lin Jie Dong temple.









Viewpoint from a Skyscraper

A highlight is a visit to the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower, the 468-meter TV tower in Pudong Park in the business center of the city. The huge tower has become the symbol of modern Shanghai; you see it protrude clearly in the skyline. Visitors may also be on the tower. There are several entrance tickets; the most expensive (150 Yuan) takes you to the top sphere of over 350 meters. There is also a revolving restaurant with fantastic views over the city. Oriental Pearl is open daily between 8:30 and 21:30.




A skyscraper with a fantastic view is the Shanghai World Financial Center, where you can go to the observation deck at 474 meters altitude. This is the highest building in Shanghai.


Another beautiful skyscraper with a lookout point (88th floor) is the Jin Mao tower, the 2nd tallest skyscraper in the city.


Parks and Lively Districts of Shanghai

Shanghai still has some beautiful parks, and the Yuyuan Garden is beautiful. The district Xin Tian Di with its authentic architecture and cozy tea houses (and cafes) is definitely worth a visit. Not far from Xin Tian Di is Tianzifang, a cozy and charming neighborhood where it sometimes seems a bit as if time has stood still compared to the rest of Shanghai.







Water Villages

If you stay long enough in Shanghai to also explore the area, then a visit to the water village of Zhujiajiao is worth your time. It is the best place to escape the bustle of city life. The village itself is beautiful and exudes a serenity (although it can get quite crowded with tourists). Especially beautiful are the many bridges over the narrow channels. You can take a boat trip, whether or not accompanied by an English-speaking guide. Other traditional water towns around Shanghai are Tongli and Qibao.




River Cruise along the Bund

A great attraction of Shanghai is a river cruise along the Huangpu River (stepping in Shiliupu Ferry Terminal along the Bund), where you have beautiful views of the old town and the modern business center. You can also catch a ferry to The Bund to cross over to the business center. When you come off the ferry, it is a leisurely walk to the closest subway station, but this is a fun activity in town nonetheless. You can also travel from the Bund to Pudong through the Bund Tourist Tunnel; a beautifully lit tunnel (an attraction in itself, albeit a bit touristy and expensive for that matter). From the Bund itself, you have a beautiful view of the skyscrapers of Pudong; especially in the evenings you can enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere.




People’s Square

People’s Square in Shanghai is also a place that you must see. On the square are several government buildings, interspersed with a few luxury hotels and department stores. The Shanghai Museum is here. In addition to People’s Square is People’s Park, a large park where the locals come to relax. At People’s Square begins the pedestrianized shopping area that runs all the way to the Bund.





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