Our most favorite beach on the planet

Have you ever dreamt of that idyllic deserted beach? White Sand Beach, close to the Tangkoko Forest Reserve is that beach. Here you can sunbathe and swim in the rather powerful waves. This is what makes the beach so breathtakingly gorgeous; nowhere else did we see such clear blue water combined with such fierce waves. A surfer would probably do fine there. The part where you can swim safely is directly to the right side of the (closed) Batu Putih Resort. However, you can walk some hundreds of yards to the left, where you will think you are on a deserted island.




The beautiful resort at the seaside is closed. If you want to use the private beach, you will have to pay the owner a few thousand rupiahs. This is nothing compared to the comfort you will get in return. Most resorts and guesthouses in the neighborhood can bring you to the beautiful beach. Do arrange in advance when they have to pick you up again.



When you have been on an extensive hike in the nature park for a few days, a visit to this fantastic, magnificent beach is a welcome change of scenery. Though fierce waves do occur here sometimes, this part right in front of the resort has been allocated for swimming by placing large boulders about 20 meters in the water. Sometimes local children from the nearby kampungs come round. They come to chat and swim to their heart’s desire.



About Sulawesi

Sulawesi is a gorgeous island in Indonesia. It is the fourth largest island in the country, and though you can reach it fairly easily from Jakarta, it can hardly be called a touristic hotspot. Most travelers visit Sulawesi because of the fantastic diving spots and perfect diving conditions. The huge island offers a lot more though. There are various cultural highlights, several beautiful cities, enormous volcanoes and also several nature parks.

About Tangkoko Forest Reserve

Tangkoko is such a nature park. It is located in the north of Sulawesi at about a 1.5 hours’ drive from the biggest city in that region; Manado. In the nature park, jungle treks are the focus. For instance, you have a chance to spot the magnificent Black Crested Macaque or the super fast Tarsius.

Location White Sand Beach


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