Silverlake Vineyard, Pattaya

I’m not a big fan of wine. All I know when it comes to wine is that it’s either from Australia, California or France but I would never have thought that there would be a winery or vineyard in Thailand. Still, thanks to one of my best buddies who happened to be a wine enthusiast, he recommended me to visit Silverlake Vineyard if I was in Pattaya.


On the third day of my visit in Pattaya, I went to the Silverlake Vineyard by taxi. It was located at Moo 7, Na Jomtien. Silverlake Vineyard was first established in 2002 by Mr. Surachai Tangjaitrong and Ms. Supansa Nuangpirom. Both of them happened to share the same passion of enjoying good wine and good music in a wonderful garden environment. I also found out that his wife used to be a popular award-winning actress in Thailand in the ‘80s.


Upon reaching the Silverlake Vineyard, I was truly amazed by its picturesque view. The place spans over 480 acres, with the Khao Chi Chan reservoir serving as a backdrop. The vineyard has an elegant European feel in it complete with a well-cultivated garden landscape and a striking-red Mediterranean-style building. Instantly the camera phones pop out to capture scenes seemingly of a European garden. There were even windmills; how could you not think you have been teleported to The Netherlands?


I was pleasantly surprised that there is no entrance fee to visit Silverlake Vineyard. However, there are two paid tram tours if you prefer to be transported around the vineyard for an overview. The first package costs a very reasonable 100 baht per person. The first stop of the tour is at the windmill where you have 10 minutes to take unlimited selfies before making the next stop at the grape juice plant. There, you will witness how the grape juice is processed and bottled. Best of all, you will receive a complimentary bottle of grape juice as well. The overall tour takes you around 25 minutes. I wished the tour would include a visit to the vineyard where I can roam free among juicy grapes hanging from their vines.


The second package will cost you 250 baht per person. You’ll get a free bottle of grape juice and two glasses of wine. It is everything like the first package, except that you will get an additional tour of the winery and a wine-tasting experience. This tour will take you at about 35 minutes.

Apart from beautiful sightseeing, there is a souvenir shop selling grape products such as juices, cookies, pastries, jams and dried fruits. The grape juice sampled was one of the best-tasting natural grape juices I’ve tasted, so I purchased a few more bottles to enjoy. You can also purchase the Silverlake Vineyard wine which will set you back at about 1,100 baht per bottle. If grapes are somehow not your thing after your visit, there is a coffee house that serves a good cup of coffee.


If you’re looking for something heavier to eat, there’s a food court across the road from the winery. Alternatively, you can also bring your own food for a picnic on the beautiful grounds. You may want to coincide your visit with the one-day Silverlake Music Festival that usually takes place in March every year.


If you’ve fallen in love with the place and don’t want to leave yet, there’s a charming cottage called Movie House Bed and Breakfast. Each room is adorned with retro movie posters and other memorabilia dedicated to the former Thai actress, Supansa Nuangpirom.



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